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What if one book said it all?

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Spiritual | 0 comments

What if one book said it all?

What if one book said it all?

Countless books have been produced in the history of mankind on topics ranging from prose and poetry, science and philosophy, to biographies and anecdotes. The quest of mankind to unexplored horizons seeking
understanding and purpose, guidance and light has placed some of the books on the pedestal of their hearts. Some of these are thought-provoking, some mind-boggling, some intellectually titillating and few soul-stirring. The enigma of life has been difficult to decipher by humanly understanding and speculation, like, the pieces of unlimited jigsaw puzzles put together, and one has been told to complete an unknown picture. The emotions of humor, tragedy, wonder or terror found in popular books may give some sort of off from daily tribulations of life, but they are not complete panacea for all problems of life in themselves and may cause relapse of same problem since they describe similar stories of similar people. The texts which claim to address ultimate destination and conclusions of life may be vague in their presentation, and may not appeal a full-hearted dedication for achieving lofty goals described in them, when they describe only about rewards and punishments for those who are trading on their path, and not about perpetual love and relationships. Such a situation may prove to be unnerving for a person in search of ultimate conclusions of life.

The glory of Bhagavad Gita

Amongst all such books, a book that stands out is ‘The Bhagavad Gita’. It is not only a multi-millennial classic and tempting for esoteric concepts in it, but also fresh being applicable beyond limits of time and lucid in understanding. It’s not only comprehensive to accommodate all levels of understanding of divinity to shelter everybody as per their level and desire of practice; but is, at the same time, distinctive in terms of presenting the highest understanding of this divinity as a personal God for those who are willing to go for the ultimate. It not only provides an intellectually convincing understanding of absolute reality and impels one to pursue spiritual life, but it provides a practical way for its achievement and love appeal made in it compels one for the path of Bhakti, i.e. connecting with personal God in loving service. It shuns one from entanglement in all forms of material affairs viz. physical, mental or intellectual; but instead of making life dull & boring, it evokes intense eagerness in the activities of the supreme, which are extremely charming and fulfilling to the heart. It is short and concise to include what all one needs to know and perfect in one’s life; but still, it is very broad and unrelenting, since it describes the unlimited personality of Godhead.

Our dear Srila Prabhupada translated ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ and subsequently lives of millions of peoples been transformed to sincere practitioners of genuine spirituality. He was penniless  and discouraged from everybody who knew him, when he embarked on his super herculean mission to spread the message Bhagavad Gita all over globe but he said he was confident because he had his books with him.

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