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RailsApps: Image Sharing App – Part 1 Buckle Up

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Rails Apps | 0 comments

Hello and Welcome to RailsApps Series. It is a series for building real life applications with rails.

Contents –

  • Tools required
  • Creating Skeleton app
  • defaults for neat development
  • Setup github repo


Getting Started

In this Series, we will build an image sharing application in ruby on rails. The first thing we need to do is create a rails project. Let me tell you the tools which can best serve the purpose for this Series:



  1. Internet Connection
  2. Cloud Editor – (comes with free tier) or (comes with free tier only for US)
  3. A Github or Bitbucket account
  4. Devdocs (comes with offline version and a chrome extension)

I have used the above tools to create this Series. To get started, make sure you have good internet connectivity, sign up for the free account on c9, create an account on github or bitbucket which ever you prefer.


Bare Bones

Sign up for the account. Create a new Workspace. Enter a short description. Leave the workspace public and choose the template as ‘Ruby’ not as ‘Ruby on Rails Tutorial’ and hit ‘Create workspace’. That’s it. This will create a bar ruby on rails application for you.

Once done open the workspace. Usually it takes time when you open a workspace for the first time. You should see the directory structure for a default rails project – app, bin, config, etc.


Some defaults

Before we dip our hands in the code, set some defaults for some easier development. Do the following (its completely optional) –

  1. Press MARKDOWN_HASHd5880beda44bca1dc4f0384635cd9fb7MARKDOWN_HASH this will open Project Settings. Now set the soft tabs value to 2 under Code Editor section.
  2. Click on the Gear icon at the Top Right corner of your Directory Panel, and make sure MARKDOWN_HASHbe39ac2eec296eec3ce37c57b5289262MARKDOWN_HASH is checked


Setup Github

First Time Workspace Screen

First Time Workspace Screen

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